Band Camp Tips

Band Camp is the most important week of the marching band season. It not only “sets the tone” for the marching season, but for the entire school year of band activities.

Organization is the Key to ...

Marching Band Show Planning Part 3 With Wayne Markworth

From Great Music to a Great Show

Once some great songs have been selected, the staff needs to mold them into a cohesive and entertaining show. Use a “Show Planning Guide” to list several options for each part ...

Marching Band Show Planning Part 2 With Wayne Markworth

Which comes first – the music or theme/concept?

  • Either approach works as long as the result is a show with great music.
    • Choose music that has quality and will be enjoyable to ...

Marching Band Show Planning Part 1 With Wayne Markworth

Step One in good marching band Show Planning is to do a thorough and HONEST review of the past season. Ask yourself (and your key staff members) the following questions:

1.  What were the strengths of the band?

2. ...

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