Etude #1 Going Home

Goin’ Home is the beautiful lyric melody from The New World Symphony by Antonin Dvorak. The music focus for this etude is long tones and simple shaping.

Etude #2 Romanze

Romanze is a lyrical 3/4 melody by Clara Schumann. The music focus for this etude is interval tuning and shaping.

Etude #3 Figaro

Figaro is the well known technical melody from The Marriage of Figaro by Wolfgang Mozart. This etude focuses on scales in the keys of F, Bb, and Eb major.

Etude #4 Elite Syncopations

Elite Syncopations is a ragtime melody by Scott Joplin. This etude focuses on syncopated rhythms and articulation.

Etude #5 Beethoven 5

Beethoven 5 is the famous theme from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. The music focus for this etude is lip slurs and articulation and also involves some LOUD playing.

Etude #6 William Tell

William Tell is the famous theme from William Tell Overture by Gioachino Rossini. The music focus of this etude is double-tonguing with optional parts for younger players.


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