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Yes, we can write a new original show or new arrangements for your group depending on time availability. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your ideas, timelines and pricing.

Yes, it is a unique feature of ShadowLake Music to send you the files at no extra charge with the understanding that they may only be used by you and your staff. This will be especially helpful for those groups that are having their battery parts written “in-house” or who need to make changes to front ensemble or other parts for difficulty level. Shows are available in EITHER Sibelius OR Finale files. All shows can be sent in XML files. Please send a request.

Yes, you have permission to make changes as long as the original intent of the music is not altered. You can make the changes if you have requested the Finale or Finale XML (for Sibelius) files.

Yes, we can make changes per your request. If substantial changes are involved, a modest fee will be charged depending on time involved. You can alternatively make the changes yourself (see previous FAQ) Contact us for either choice.

Typically, mallet parts are at times one difficulty level harder than the total package is marked. Consider the fact that the mallet players have much more time to rehearse their music since no drill is involved in their schedule. Also many mallet parts by Andrew sound more difficult than they actually are because of his knowledge of mallet instrument writing. These parts can make your players sound very impressive! Solos for any instrument are of course a special feature for your stronger players and will be more challenging. (also see previous FAQ)

Yes, once you purchase a show, you can change titles or themes any way you wish as long as the original integrity of the music is not altered. If you would like us to change the titles on all the scores and parts, please contact us about the cost to make those formatting changes.

Yes, both parts are provided, although they do not appear on the score. The Bass Clarinet part generally doubles the Bari Sax part with adjustments for range, and the Bar TC part doubles the Baritone or Low Brass 2 part.

For the Medium-Easy & Medium difficulty levels, there are two parts labelled “Low Brass 1 & 2.” You can assign them any way you wish to balance the ensemble. For the Medium-Advanced and Advanced levels, the parts are Trombone 1 & 2 and Baritone. You can assign these part as you wish. If you march only Baritones or only Trombones, you can simply assign them as “1st, 2nd & 3rd.

Since scores normally have so many staves, we use Legal Size (8.5” x 14”) for most scores. The smaller scores (i.e. winds only) are Letter Size (8.5” x 11”). Parts are always Letter Size. We can make changes per your request at no additional charge including scores in Tabloid Size (11” x 17”).

The dashed slur indicates a “no breath,” usually used at the end of a crescendo to remind students not to breathe.

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