Marching Band Show Planning Part 1 With Wayne Markworth

Step One in good marching band Show Planning is to do a thorough and HONEST review of the past season. Ask yourself (and your key staff members) the following questions:

1.  What were the strengths of the band?

2.  What were the weaknesses of the band?

3.  Did the show work from a general effect point of view?

4.  Was there an applause point (moment, effect, etc.) every 20 seconds?

5.  Was the music or drill too hard? (or too easy?)

6.  Was the attitude and work ethic of the students (& staff) what you want it to be?

7. Did the Timeline work? (planning —> design —> on the field performance) Were you too late finishing the show to allow the students to perform it with confidence and ease?

As you plan (and put it down in writing), how are you going to solve the deficiencies and repeat the successes?

For a complete look at Show Planning, see Chapter 7: Show Planning in The Dynamic Marching Band.

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