• by Wayne Markworth These exercises for Warm-up and Development for the middle school bands will start each rehearsal with focus and purpose. Works well as a preface to method book work or band pieces. There are three complete warm-ups at progressive levels. Parts are included for mallets and snare drum that can be used with the winds or separately. "...a comprehensive approach to a warm-up routine that the students and I can use without having to turn pages in a method book to find the ones you need." - Band Director Permission is granted to copy as needed for your school only.  
  • The “music warm-up” segment at the beginning of a rehearsal is so much more than that. It is an opportunity to work on all of the ensemble skills such as quality of sound, playing together, matching style (articulation) and matching dynamics. Hence the addition of the word “Development.” Here is a Daily Warm-up & Development that "covers all of the bases" - Sound, Technique and Musicianship. Used on a daily basis, these exercises will produce great individual and ensemble results. Also included is Daily Warm-up Two, a more advanced warm-up and the Range Builder exercises. The Daily Warm-up & Development works equally well in concert band and marching band. All packages include Scores & Parts (in PDF format.)
  • The Band ENFORCER Series These short pieces for Grade 1 are designed to reinforce various fundamentals by providing MAXIMUM repetition of the musical concept in a “fun to play” short piece. Method books introduce concepts, but are not able to provide enough repetition to make the concepts “stick.” After preparation of these fun tunes, students will be competent and will never (well, hardly ever) miss these fundamentals again.


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