(5) The Swingin’ Cat

by Bill Burns & Wayne Markworth

Introduction to Swing is a proven and effective way to introduce young players to swing style. Swing style is the most challenging for young musicians because they look at one rhythm and play a completely different rhythm. Music arrangements typically have the symbol [2 eighths = quarter & eighth under a triplet] above the first measure and then the entire piece is written in eighth note notation. For the aural dominant learner this is not a problem, as they play jazz style by imitating the teacher’s performance or experienced jazz musicians. For the visual dominant learner, seeing the swing style notated in triplet notation allows them to play exactly what they see. Gradually they become comfortable with the transition of looking at one rhythm and playing another.

The Swingin’ Cat is a medium swing tune that utilizes triplet notation and detailed articulations for young players to achieve correct style, all addressed in the Preparatory Exercises. All the rhythmic patterns used are in these exercises.

The Improvisation Sheet contains dorian 3 note patterns & triads, sample solo and “write your own” exercise. Audio accompaniment files are included.

The package includes Scores & Parts (in PDF format) and performance, accompaniment & practice audio files.

The Swingin’ Cat is the first tune in Collection Two of the Jazz Vision Series which addresses swing style with triplet notation and detailed articulations. The series is based on research on Multiple Learning Styles realizing that the majority of learners are visual dominant and will learn jazz best by seeing how it is actually played. Go to Jazz Band – view charts in and click  on “Jazz Vision Series Description” for complete information.