The Bop Cat is a medium fast swing tune that utilizes triplet notation and detailed articulations for young players to achieve correct style, all addressed in the Preparatory Exercises.

The Improvisation Sheet utilizes Dorian 3 & 4 note patterns, sample solo and “write your own” exercise. Audio accompaniment files are included.

The package includes Scores & Parts (in PDF format) and performance, accompaniment & practice audio files.

The Bop Cat is the second tune in Collection Two of the Jazz Vision Series which addresses swing style with triplet notation and detailed articulations. The series is based on research on Multiple Learning Styles realizing that the majority of learners are visual dominant and will learn jazz best by seeing how it is actually played. Go to Jazz Band – view charts in and click  on “Jazz Vision Series Description” for complete information.


Standard small big band instrumentation (A T B, 2 Trpts., 2 Trbs. & Rhythm Section) with added parts to substitute and/or augment including Flute, Clarinet, F Horn, TC Baritone, Tuba, Vibes, Alto 2 (substitute for Tenor) and Tenor 2 (substitute for Bari).