Geology 101


Geology 101 is a simple rock tune with a catchy melody utilizing straight eighth notes (the best way to begin the study of jazz.) Rhythm patterns, articulations and simple syncopations are all addressed in the Preparatory Exercises. Every instrument gets a turn at the melody and anyone can solo.

Geology 101 is the second tune in the Jazz Vision Series of medium-easy, progressive, educational charts for the young jazz musician. It is based on research on Multiple Learning Styles realizing that the majority of learners are visual dominant and will learn jazz best by seeing how it is actually played. Click on “Jazz Vision Series Description” for complete information.

Every tune in this series includes:
– one page of Preparatory Exercises of skills used in the tune
– the Tune with an optional open chorus for solos
– one page Improvisation Sheet with exercises on scales & chords and sample solos
– Appropriate Drum Set patterns for the style of the Tune
– Accompaniment Tracks
– XML files for use with SmartMusic or MusicFirst

Buy all 4 tunes in Collection 1 for the price of 3 – $120. Click here for Collection 1 Package.

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Flexible Instrumentation – standard small big band instrumentation 
(A T B, 2 Trpts., 2 Trbs. & Rhythm Section) with added parts to substitute and/or augment including Flute, Clarinet, F Horn, TC Baritone, Tuba, Vibes, Alto 2 (substitute for Tenor) and Tenor 2 (substitute for Bari)

Collection 1 – Latin & Rock
1. Just a Breeze – Easy Bossa Nova
2. Geology 101 – Easy Rock
3. Clear Skies – Rock Ballad
4. Real Smooth – Latin Rock

Collections 2, 3 & 4 Coming Soon!

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Just a Breeze, Collection One


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