Regional Protection

Shadow Lake Music understands the importance of competitive integrity as it relates to show design. To avoid selling identical shows in the same competitive region we offer a regional protection service.

The Intent

We want our customers to know with certainty that the show they purchase for their program will not be performed by another group in attendance at the same state regional event. Each show in the marching band and/or indoor marching percussion catalogs come with a regional protection promise.

The Promise

We promise to block same state purchases from the Shadow Lake marching band and indoor catalogs for the length of a competitive season.

How do you know if a show is protected?

Every show displays its regional protection status. Protected regions are visible in the status display and customers who attempt to purchase a show from a protected state are blocked from purchase.

How long is a competitive season?

As a designer and competitor, we understand the value placed on being unique in the competitive arena. The purpose of this promise is to provide peace of mind that your program will be the only group using your purchased show at your state-sanctioned championships.

We will define the end of a marching band season as the day after the Bands of America Grand Nationals contest.
We will define the end of an indoor season as the day after the WGI championships.