• Real Smooth is a Latin/Rock tune with a bouncy, syncopated lilt utilizing straight eighth notes (the best way to begin the study of jazz.) Rhythm patterns, articulations and simple syncopations are all addressed in the Preparatory Exercises. Anyone can solo in the "Open for Solos" section and there is an opportunity for your drum set player to shine (ad lib or written) on a short feature. Real Smooth is the fourth tune in the Jazz Vision Series of medium-easy, progressive, educational charts for the young jazz musician. It is based on research on Multiple Learning Styles realizing that the majority of learners are visual dominant and will learn jazz best by seeing how it is actually played. Click on "Jazz Vision Series Description" for complete information. Every tune in this series includes: - one page of Preparatory Exercises of skills used in the tune - the Tune with an optional open chorus for solos - one page Improvisation Sheet with exercises on scales & chords and sample solos - Appropriate Drum Set patterns for the style of the Tune - Accompaniment Tracks - XML files for use with SmartMusic or MusicFirst Buy all 4 tunes in Collection 1 for the price of 3 - $120. Click here for Collection 1 Package.
  • The “music warm-up” segment at the beginning of a rehearsal is so much more than that. It is an opportunity to work on all of the ensemble skills such as quality of sound, playing together, matching style (articulation) and matching dynamics. Hence the addition of the word “Development.” Here is a Daily Warm-up & Development that "covers all of the bases" - Sound, Technique and Musicianship. Used on a daily basis, these exercises will produce great individual and ensemble results. Also included is Daily Warm-up Two, a more advanced warm-up and the Range Builder exercises. The Daily Warm-up & Development works equally well in concert band and marching band. All packages include Scores & Parts (in PDF format.)
  • by Wayne Markworth These exercises for Warm-up and Development for the middle school bands will start each rehearsal with focus and purpose. Works well as a preface to method book work or band pieces. There are three complete warm-ups at progressive levels. Parts are included for mallets and snare drum that can be used with the winds or separately. "...a comprehensive approach to a warm-up routine that the students and I can use without having to turn pages in a method book to find the ones you need." - Band Director Permission is granted to copy as needed for your school only.  


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