Daily Warm-Up & Development Part 1

As the new marching band season begins, it is essential that each rehearsal begins with a period of time dedicated to music fundamentals. (There should be an equal amount of time dedicated to marching & movement ...

Teaching Tip #3 – Rehearsal Techniques

Focus on ONE thing at a time – Music OR Visual

The huge number of details & skills for any one segment can be overwhelming to the younger members of the marching band. When rehearsing on the field, ...

Teaching Tip #2 – Rehearsal Techniques

We Came to Play!

Band is exciting, especially at the beginning of a new school year. Make it so!

Get them playing something exciting as soon as possible. Laying a foundation of good ...

Marching Band Show Planning Part 3 With Wayne Markworth

From Great Music to a Great Show

Once some great songs have been selected, the staff needs to mold them into a cohesive and entertaining show. Use a “Show Planning Guide” to list several options for each part ...

Marching Band Show Planning Part 2 With Wayne Markworth

Which comes first – the music or theme/concept?

  • Either approach works as long as the result is a show with great music.
    • Choose music that has quality and will be enjoyable to ...

Marching Band Show Planning Part 1 With Wayne Markworth

Step One in good marching band Show Planning is to do a thorough and HONEST review of the past season. Ask yourself (and your key staff members) the following questions:

1.  What were the strengths of the band?

2. ...

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