Teaching Tip #1 – Rehearsal Techniques

Talk Less – Play More!

We all have been in rehearsals or classes where the instructor talks too much, repeats himself over and over again, then says the same thing, then repeats herself, then… (oops! – I did it.)

We all tend to talk too much because there is so much to do and fix. But…the more you talk, the less they listen. If you don’t think this applies to you, record yourself and analyze it.

It is much more productive to say one thing and then fix it! At the next stop in rehearsal, fix the next thing and so forth. Try to limit yourself to 2-3 sentences maximum – one is better. Retention will be so much better and so will student interest and enthusiasm.

(For a more in-depth look at Rehearsal Techniques, check out The Dynamic Marching Band Chapter 6.)

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