Terms & Conditions

Thank you for purchasing one of Shadow Lake Music’s products. We love our customers and clients. We too are music educators and we understand the challenges associated with budgets, school system politics, and the enormous task placed on a Band Director, Executive Director, or any position related to educating students in the musical arts. In contrast, unfortunately, there are people who disregard the intellectual property rights of composers and arrangers, and these terms and conditions are constructed for the sole purpose of protecting our business interests and they are in no way, shape, or form meant to insult our customers or clients.

By purchasing a product from Shadow Lake Music you are legally bound to the following terms and agreements.

In order to protect the rights of the composer, publisher, and the band program, Shadow Lake Music (SLM) and the Director are bound together in a cooperative endeavor. Each must accomplish important tasks, listed below, within the mutually agreed schedule.


  • Shadow Lake Music shows, products that are bought using a Purchase Order, require the director/purchaser to promptly and accurately respond to school district policies to expedite payment once the music is received

  • The director/purchaser will provide a typed list of contest names, sites and dates with distances from your home school at the time of purchase for ALL performances outside of scholastic sports obligations.

  • The Director/Purchaser MUST clear any additional contests added after the initial agreement in order to ensure that another band’s Regional Protection is secure

  • The Director/Purchaser is buying the PERFORMANCE RIGHTS for one season ONLY. A season is defined as the period of 365 days from the time of purchase.

  • The Director/Purchaser understands that selling, giving, loaning ANY AND ALL COMPONENTS OF A SHADOW LAKE MUSIC PURCHASE, is a federal violation of copyright law, and Shadow Lake Music WILL prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Shadow Lake Music:

  • SLM will provide an electronically delivered invoice for all payments, including paying by check or Purchase Order

  • SLM will provide printable music in a professional fashion, i.e., legible and accurate

  • All SLM purchased products will be available for electronic download immediately when customer pays by Credit Card.

  • All SLM purchased products purchased with a check or purchase order will be electronically emailed to customer upon receipt of payment check or Purchase Order.

  • SLM will honor Regional Protection requests for all marching band and indoor percussion shows based on the SLM Regional Protection policy.

  • Permission to Arrange/Copyright Clearance permissions are provided by SLM, free of charge, upon request.

Legal Accountability:

  • Any and all legal services including, but not limited to copyright violations, payment fraud and plagiarism will be prosecuted under the laws and legal jurisdiction of the Great State of Ohio.

  • Customers found liable in any way, shape or form, with regard to, but not limited to, copyright violations, payment fraud and plagiarism will be responsible for the reasonable legal fees of Shadow Lake Music inc.